FreeStyle Options Review

FreeStyle Options Review

FreeStyle Options entered into the binary options market in 2015 with its next generation trading platform and innovative approaches to traders’ education and customer care. FreeStyle Options is offering binary trading services to people from across the globe with exception of a number of countries, such as USA, Canada, Australia and Japan.

The first impression I got from this site is its convenience with regards to use and functionality, very nice interface and informative content. Figuratively speaking, I clambered up and down it seeking answers. All the buttons, menus, lists … All of this has been verified, pressed, opened and checked. The conclusion: it is very easy to understand what this site has and where you can find it. I think in this case it is appropriate to use the phrase “intuitively clear” which is not something I say lightly.

I was interested to see the very precise instructions on how to start trading. I even tried to imagine that I knew nothing about working with a broker, and just starting to discover the delights and dangers of option trading. My imagination did not fail me. I confess that at one point I completely surrendered to the will of the instructions on the site, allowing them to guide me in the right direction. I must say that they did not disappoint me and they were very helpful I know that it may be surprising to hear that I was surprised but it does pay to be skeptical at times.

FreeStyle Options Bonus

To see what bonuses I could get from FreeStyle Options, I created an binary options trading account on the website of the binary options broker. I entered my name and phone number into the registration form and shortly thereafter, I received a call from the FreeStyle Options support service team and the young man explained to me step by step how to get the bonus and start real trading. Nothing complicated. Just try to enter the correct phone number and do not miss the call which was a mistake I almost made in my haste. Bonuses range from 25% to 100% depending on the account type and current promotion terms.

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FreeStyle Options Withdrawal

I have not found any problems with withdrawals here. Request was securely placed in the withdrawal tab of my account, money appeared on my bank account within 4 days. Small charge of 10 euro was applied. Please note that profits above your initial deposit can be transferred on your bank account only, so make sure to provide your account manager with proper bank wire details.

FreeStyle Options Payouts

When it comes to payments, FreeStyle Options is one of the most profitable brokers. Also you should pay attention to some advanced features such as sell, double up and roll-over. Sell feature means that you can close loosing position earlier and get back some percentage of your investment. For profitable options the income is around 85%. I would say that this is a good offer.

FreeStyle Options Conclusion

I really impressed by the characteristics of FreeStyle Options, because they are not available in the majority of binary options brokers. The platform is intuitively clear and convenient, customer support is great, learning materials are impressive, platform performance is immaculate. FreeStyle Options broker in my opinion is one of the best players on the binary market today.